This was our NDL roadtrip 2024

or as a NDL member said:
"meet familiar and new colleagues, talk business, gain knowledge
and have fun while doing!"

No one wants to miss the pre-event dinner… ever!

Our pre-event dinners have a NDL-life-long tradition: Before we get down to business on the two roadtrip days or our Conference Day in November, we sit down together, get to know each other while enjoying a nice dinner and beer – the best starter for a conversation and networking!

This year we organized something special: All you can eat Pizza and big buckets of beer and cocktails in the middle of Aarhus:


Who did join us?


Danish farms and the roadtrip agenda

Denmark is a pretty interesting country in farmin, because lots of things are centralized and focussed on making data flows and interface available easily. Therefore, a special thanks to Simherd! – for guiding us through our road trip day 1 to see farms that make use of these data and technology (e.g. in 3d camera’s for feed intake measuring etc.).

Also the second day was a great success – with enlightening presentations and insights e.g. into the heart of Arla’s headquarter.

Some impressions from the roadtrip days:

We enjoyed this roadtrip and are looking forward again to the next year 🙂 Send us your suggestions, where should we go next after Netherlands, Switzerland and Denmark?

Best regards,

Your NDL team.


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